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everyday progress, more often, a bit better

Lets imagine that someone made a set of magical binoculars which would let you see every opportunity you had to cut costs, increase efficiency, and produce new value, all in your company's favour. Would you use them?  

Sometimes it can seem impossible to find room for improvement. this occurs for one of two reasons. 1) There is nothing to improve on, and If that is the case, congratulations! You just achieved something unbelievable, seen that this rarely happens outside of Harry Potter or any other fantasy universe. A much more rational explanation, is reason number two; it is hard to spot. I guess a set of magic binoculars would come quite handy in this type of situation, if only magic was real.  


You might not belive in fairytales, but what might seem like a magical set of opticals, might not be as far fetched as one might think. It just comes in another form.

Others seek problems

There are a lot of consultant firms out there. These firms av packed with experience and are amazing at what they do. For that reason a lot of companies use their services, and we urge them to keep on doing so. 

They are a great resource for organizations who experience problems or conflicts and need legal or financial consultants. And thats what these firms do. They solve problems that occur in the workspace. 


We seek opportunities

Whilst the big consultant firms are problem oriented, NÆR looks for opportunities. Instead of reaching out to those who are experiencing problems, NÆR reaches out to those who have an unfulfilled potential, therefore utilizing a different set of experience than other firms. 

Maybe the company feels that they are not true to their vision, maybe they see an opportunity to increase efficiency or maybe they are looking for a different product or market. The biggest case how ever is when the company just can't spot points of improvement by themselves. These are the typical projects NÆR will undertake.



Instead of basing our work on the normal, linear process, we will have a more practical non-linear approach to any given case. Basing it upon design thinking and service design, our solutions will be tailored based on feedback and involvement from end users. 

Why act

Big companies are often described as dinosaurs. There are two reasons to why; one being their size based on employees, and the other, their tremendous weight. Weight of knowledge, weight of expertise, weight of credibility but also weight of structure.  

Although they keep om blossoming, there is still a piece of the innovative spark which slips between the floor boards. As companies grow, culture blossoms, rutines are established and middle management is introduced. these are all contributing factors to organise, but at the same limits fast action and the possibility to grasp opportunities as they appear. NÆR is ment to fill the gap between the floor boards, become the link between rutine and structure, hierarchy and cluster and innovation and commercialisation. 


To be able to work this way, NÆR has to be organized in a manner which matches the operation. That meaning; no hierarchy, few employees and a loose structure. Basically leading us back to the organizational structure of a start-up (fig. above).

Resource network

Some people like routines and easily planned calendars. Others have a need to evolve, work in different environments and like that reach their full potential. Many do not feel challenged enough in their work environment, often resulting in a sensation of lacking self realization. These are the people NÆR is looking for. People who want to work diversely, interdisciplinary along side their permanent employment. 

Maybe some of them are not sure which sector to work within and therefor want to explore their opportunities. Being a part of the NÆR Resource Nettwork (NRN) will let accomplished and eager people continue to evolve and build knowledge by working on a project basis on cases where their expertise is needed. 

For NÆR this results in a flexible structure, only using expensive expertise when needed, paying for the work that is being put in. 


NÆR is yet to be established and we are looking for all the support we can get. This petition shows that you see a use in this type of service and that you would consider using it to further develop your organization. The names registered in this petition will be included in documents essential to financial support applications and other documentation linked to market surveys. We kindly thank you for your time and hope you found it interesting. 

By signing the petition you are stating the following: 

"I, (your name), support Simon Barman-Jenssen and the rest of his team in their effort to establish NÆR. I see a use in their services and would consider using them for internal development in our own company, (company name). I agree to NÆR using our company name in financial applications as credibility to the idea. I also agree to NÆR using our company name in other documents related to presentations and pitches of the business idea." 

Thanks! Message sent.

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