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To be able to work this way, NÆR has to be organized in a manner which matches the operation. That meaning; no hierarchy, few employees and a loose structure. Basically leading us back to the organizational structure of a start-up (fig. on right).

- How does that work?

NÆR has to be able to draw full potential out of any opportunity in any given senario, and will therefor need experience within a lot of different fields. Building up this experience in-house would be a paradox since it would require a complex structure. It would also be quite cost inefficient due to permanent employment, not to mention the regulated rutines which would have to be implemented. 

The best option is therefor to keep the structure loose and get the required experience and knowledge when needed, only employing project managers and process leaders. The "rented" expertise comes from a resource network which is put together by NÆR. 

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